Here's How I Ditched Value Bets for Mid-Range Magic, Raked in Thousands And Got BANNED For Winning...

I understand that by now you've witnessed numerous tipsters showing off their absurd winnings.

They feature 20/1 horses that amazingly sprout wings and effortlessly finish first in a leisurely gallop.

But this is NOT that overhyped, value betting, unrealistic winning odds nonsense.

In fact…

Whilst testing my latest tweaks on a new Bet365 account I got closed down within a week for winning too much!

That's usually a sign you're doing the right thing.

Here is the strange email their analysis team sent to me...


Don't worry!

I'll reveal to you the three mistakes most punters make that get them gubbed and how to avoid them when you sign up below.

But firstly...

Win 1 In 3 Bets For Over 40% ROI Using This NEW Favourite-Lonshot Formula

Horse Racing

Bets Win Rate Monthly Return ROI Avg. Odds
125 32% 50.66 pts 40.5% 4.44

This is a completely counterintuitive method. Yet it's bagged me 16 winners in the past 2 weeks:

Winner • Ya Hafhd
17:15 Southwell

Winner • Issam
14:25 Exeter

Winner • Ninth Life
14:55 Lingfield

Winner • Western Stars
11:30 Lingfield

Winner • Advantage
20:00 Wolverhampton
5.0 odds

Winner • Sir Rock
15:10 Plumpton
5.5 odds

Winner • The Enabler
15:30 Navan
3.5 odds

Winner • Red Happy
13:35 Carlisle
6.0 odds

Winner • Nine Tenths
19:00 Wolverhampton
4.0 odds

Winner • Lord Normandy
18:30 Chelmsford
4.5 odds

Winner • Habrdi
18:00 Chelmsford
3.25 odds

Winner • Court At Slip
12:30 Newcastle
5.0 odds

Winner • Artemis Kimbo
15:35 Leicester
odds 3.0

Winner • Night Raider
18:00 Southwell
2.25 odds

Winner • Flintara
13:40 Fontwell
2.1 odds

Winner • Wadacre Gomez
20:30 Chelmsford
3.5 odds

I understand if you're dismissive of favourites, I've been there.

You feel ripped off after losing a sure bet…

this is where the bookies exploit your cognitive bias and lead you astray!

They lure you in with massive odds and dreams of big wins.

It’s not much different from the lotto really.

I decided to do the opposite of what's expected of me.

I’ve been backing a "signature blend" of favourites for 18 months now after trying every trick in the book and I can't tell you how relieving it is.

  • The knots in my stomach watching races is gone.

  • The temptation to throw out my staking plan and gamble it all was gone.

  • Looking in my bank feeling sick, thinking of what could have been… GONE!

I'm sure you are used to losing 6 or 7 bets on the bounce...

...Praying a 14/1 would rescue your week.

However, losing streaks don't have to be your reality if you're willing to change...

How to win 1 in 3 bets without torturing yourself with near misses and implausible odds

  • NO long losing runs.

  • NO scary streaks that cost you hundreds of pounds.

  • NO advanced mathematics trying to calculate impossible upsets.

Imagine what it’s like being able to win every other day and keep a steady profit trickling in.

Here’s a fortnight of recent results so you can picture what it’s going to be like when you sign up

"Notice how I spread my bets across bookies to enhance the odds and avoid being gubbed!"

Since I last updated the service 5 months ago we’ve had 100% strike rate in profitable months.

And here are some key figures that differentiate Crown Jewels from the rest:

Exceptional 47% ROI at odds range between 3.5 and 5.0

Of course, we tip outside of this odds range but we noticed here is this is where we specialise.

We skip over the usual favourites that often lead to losses because of bookie margins, instead we focus on that perfect middle ground – not too safe, not too risky.

And guess what?

It's working wonders!

For every £100 our followers put into our picks, they're pocketing nearly £40 in profit and when it comes to the above 5/2 to 4/1 odds range that number goes up to nearly £50.

Tips released average of 6 to 12 hours before race start

We've figured out that the odds start to shift in the afternoon, so we hit you up with our tips late in the morning.

It's the sweet spot – the markets have had their say on the odds, but not so much that it messes with your ROI. Plus, it gives us enough time to double-check our tips and incorporate crowd intelligence.

Profitable on all Exchanges

We are aware that alot of punters have been gubbed so we make sure to check Betfair liquidity and odds availability for each tip. Whether its Smarkets or Betdaq you can rest assured that you'll be able to back your selection regardless of bookie restrictions.

Likelihood of a losing year <1%

Based on Monte Carlo Simulations, the likelihood of us having a losing year is less than 1%. This is mainly due to the edge that we find as most punters focus on clear favourites or tend to blindly back long shots. As long as you have the professional mindset you will be profitable by the end of the year.

Average profit per month of £506

And the money talk – you can expect around £506 profit per month if you're tossing £10 on each pick. Which means you'll still end up nicely in the green by month's end without a fat bankroll. With a 32% strike rate, a winner is never too far off.

We put in a ton of effort to find that sweet spot, figuring out which odds still offer good value.

We zone in on tips with odds between 3.5 and 8.0, and then we decide how much to stake based on how risky it looks.

This isn't a walk in the park – we're talking up to 50+ hours a week of grind!

But you know what?

I love it.

And when you see the profits rolling in...'s totally worth every minute. "

Now I’m not here to tell you how I do it.

What formulas I use.

What stats I cherish and which ones I throw out (you’d be SHOCKED if you knew!).

I’m here only to give you access to these winners for a nominal fee.

(I am grossly undercharging for this, but it’s my way of giving back without being a complete charity case).

Allow me to proudly introduce you my…

My Crown Jewels’ are going to change the way you look at betting permanently.

We win… we win often… and we win again.

Long losing runs make me physically sick and I’m dead set against them.

That’s 4x higher than what Warren Buffet considers a good ANNUAL return!

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When you sign up you’ll get access to

  • All of our tips.

  • Customer support dedicated email with professionals who actually care.

  • Cancel ANYTIME you like (no refund available).

If you can’t afford to spend less than the price of an English breakfast in 2023 on winning tips, perhaps this game isn’t for you.

If you don’t like the tips (because you’re allergic to money) then cancel your subscription.

If you’ve got a love for winning and money, then stick with it and make 10x more than you pay for this every single week!

Just For Today We Have Taken 50% Off The Annual Membership

Paypal available

All the best,

Joshua Green


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